8 things that will help you make 2019 your best business year


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Supposedly less than 10% of us achieve our New Year’s resolutions. There are many reasons why we don’t which include setting unrealistic resolutions in the first place and of course it can take a lot of time to create new habits (anything between 21 and 254 days depending on who you read and the difficulty factor of what you have chosen).
Business Owners that have structure, discipline and consistency put themselves in the best position to be successful.

Here are our top 8 tips to make 2019 your best year in business:

1. Goals – Setting and writing down SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound) goals you want the business to achieve in 2019 and sharing them with your team.

2. 90-day plan – Put together a simple plan of who will do what by when for each 90-day period. A One-page plan works very well.

3. Set SMART objectives with each member of your team that link to the business goals and the 90-day plan that you have set up.

4. Daily Planning – every day/evening when you finish work put together your daily plan for the following day. Build into it actions “in” the business and “on” the business so nothing gets missed. As Richard Branson says, “Mark off every completed task with a satisfying tick to keep you motivated.”

5. Model week – Spend your time in the areas that will create most value for the business. A good way to identify where you spend your time is to keep a log of everything you do for a couple of weeks. You may find, for example, that you are doing a lot of admin tasks that could be done by someone else below your pay grade. If so delegate more. Build your model week by starting with the things you can influence that add most value to your business and its growth.

6. Follow up, follow up, follow up. We have the best of intentions but in most cases we fail to implement effectively what we set out to achieve. We can get distracted by something else happening and end up very quickly back as we were before. By implementing the points above and following up regularly to check everything is on track you are planning to succeed.

7. Work with a business mentor/coach. Having somebody independent to work with regularly will keep you focused on your priorities, help you see the wood from the trees and hold you accountable for what you have agreed that you will do.

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Just by writing down your goals and implementing a simple plan you are giving yourself every opportunity to succeed. The Kauffman Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership undertook a study comparing businesses that have a simple plan with those that didn’t. The result – businesses that have a simple plan have 50% higher sales growth!