About Us

A forward thinking company with old style values.

The company was formed in 2009 and we describe ourselves as a "forward thinking company with old style values". We do not ask clients to enter into long term agreements or contracts, we like to do business on the shake of a hand and quite simply if you like what we do you will continue to engage us. The principals of the company, Joe Hinton, Chris May and Paul Clarke have between them over one hundred and twenty years’ experience in business. The rest of the team are Associates who have all been handpicked to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and are aligned to the company values.


Our Vision

A company serving the whole of the UK recognised in providing professional, highly effective support to businesses.


Our Values

Our mentors will always work with and for the client to the benefit of the business and will at all times be honest and professional, act with integrity, respect confidentiality.


Our Pledge

If a client is not satisfied and feels the mentor has not added value then the client will not be
expected to pay.


Joe Hinton
Managing Director
Chris May

Paul Clarke